Ciao!: The Sequel

25 Jun Ciao!: The Sequel

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Yep, that’s right, folks. With winter rearing its ugly, ugly head, and school on break, I am up and at ’em and getting the hell out of this lucky country of ours.


Destination: Turkey. Then Egypt. From there, we shall see.


Freedom, just like last time, is high up on the agenda.


I know my flight home leaves from Barcelona at the end of July, so that leaves me with a nice 30-something days to get amongst some different culture, meet some new friends, and experience a helluva lot more than what I would if I stayed inside my comfortable little box.


“Boy, is he lucky”, some would say, and I would – and do – say in return: “hardly”.


I don’t know how luck is involved in it. I never have understood the use of “luck” in place of choosing to do something after working towards it.


I mean, if by “luck” people mean that they cannot do it due to kids, a partner, or a job that doesn’t allow them to travel, then I still am at a loss.


Perhaps the term ‘luck’ is thrust upon people in light of jealousy or guilt. But luck hardly seems like the right way to label a situation that is a result of pursuing something. By choice.


After all, not being able to is a result of a choice too, right?


In addition, I don’t see how leaving my business that I’ve worked on and in for the past six years has anything to with luck. But, nonetheless, haters gon’ hate.




Anyway, despite the consistent “what, you’re going there AGAIN!?!” type comments, after having done most of the “typical” sightseeing one might do on a trip to Europe last time, I’m aiming this time to tick off some not-so-ventured locations.


This, I hope, will enlighten me and influence some new thoughts, content, and perspective on what the hell I’m doing in my life.


I truly believe when having time away from the constant cycle and grind of every day life, having the chance to meditate – so to speak – on things is just what we all need.


Just like when someone may go for a run to clear their mind, or take their frustration out upon a boxing bag, or simply look to the horizon.


Ideas, outlooks, and objectives always seem to come about when we no longer have to think about 24/7 life.


Anyway, that’s enough blabber. I’m gettin’ outta here.


I wittingly scheduled this (along with around 30+ Facebook posts, also) post to go live whilst I was boarding my flight. So, cheerio. Hopefully I haven’t left too many grammar or punctuation mistakes.


Take care and talk soon.


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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno