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23 Mar My Top 3

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From my perspective, if you took away these three things in my life, I would be done. For these three things, are three super-important things out of a long list of other things that I love, need, and enjoy doing in my life.

Take away any of these, and I’d probably no longer be Hayden.

What are yours?



It sometimes feels good to constantly be doing something. You know, trying to get somewhere, improve something, achieve this, and complete that. But our brain doesn’t always like to be running at a 100%.

Just like your car doesn’t like redlining for too long, your brain also needs chill-time.

“Me time” is a somewhat laughable concept, but it no doubt is a necessary component in all our lives.

We all need time when we literally don’t do anything. Time when we can just let our brain relax and recharge. Some people call it meditation, I just call it resetting.



For me, my “meditation” comes in many different forms. If I can find time to have freedom and clear my mind, I also find it allows me to use my imagination and be more creative with the other things I enjoy in my life besides work and school.


One of my favourite things to do in my life that allows me to get my “meditation” is to go to the beach. I find that every time I go there, my brain resets. There’s something about that horizon to nothing combined with the freedom of water that does something to me. That alone is perhaps one reason why we all like to consciously and subconsciously live so close to the water – despite the prevalence and possibility of natural disasters destroying our homes.

No matter how crazy my day or week is, no matter what mood I am in, the beach can always change that.



Next on my list – which, by the way, is in no particular order – is music.

I’m one of those people that has a huge range of tastes. And at any given time or moment, I could be listening to stuff ranging from Hermitude to Muse, from Limp Bizkit to Peking Duk, and from Jay-Z to Mirror City.


The music I listen to definitely syncs with my mood, situation, and even the time of day. And I believe if you’re not really a “music person” – like so many people tend to say – perhaps you just haven’t found the music that suits your style as a person.

Music, like the beach, has such an ideal effect on one’s mind, I would be lost without it.



A third thing on my extensive list wold have to be training.

You see, when i’m training – whether it be weights or jujitsu – my brain is able to go to another place all together. It’s not even the fact that I am essentially dying every time I get tapped on the mat, but also the outlook and perspective that changes in me each time I engage in this area of my life.


Training is a way to allow my brain to either think about everything that’s on my mind thoroughly through, or, of course, just nothing at all.



I definitely believe everyone should have at least two or more things in their life that provides them with their much-needed “me time”. Giving yourself time to find perspective in all areas of your life and think certain things through allows you the freedom to focus on what’s important, and to also find motivation to continue doing the things you love doing.



Perhaps you like to read novels, perhaps you enjoy running to clear your mind, or perhaps cooking puts your head in the right place.

There’s no right or wrongs here for your “meditation”, just what makes you happy, clear and focused.

Have a think, and if you’re keen, let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear what other people’s are.

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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno