Best of the Year: 2015

29 Dec Best of the Year: 2015

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I never thought I’d have a ‘best of the year’ article and to be honest, I actually feel a little pompous writing this. But nonetheless, for this year, I have put out some articles that I really believe in, enjoyed writing, and was even stoked with the response and views that some of them got.

If you have been reading my stuff from when I began this whole website thing back in February 2014, I love you. Thank you for sticking with me and clicking on these links every so often (or all the time), and coming in with an open mind. I really appreciate you.

I meet a lot of people that question why I write and what the hell is the point listening to some 27 year old, but I guess there’s always going to be haters and people that are too far into themselves to branch out from their routine. Besides, I don’t think I need to explain why I write. Some people like to collect stamps. Others like to watch TV. Everyone is different.

And from the things people say to me and the odd email here and there about articles I put out, I find that it’s all worth it and always cool and humbling to know that stuff that I put out into the big, wide scary world, can actually affect people.

With my site just passing 15k total views and 8k unique visitors, it’s strange to think of the amount of people that have seen these little words that I have typed.


Anyway, with a total of 41 articles published this year, here are my top five (which was actually a very hard list to compile).

My Top 5

1. Brain Powerz

The power of the brain is an amazing thing. From dolphins being able to project images from their minds to their friends, to how our brain determines what is a threat to our survival or what it should just file in the ‘whatever’ category.

Learn about brains and what they’re capable of doing: Brain Powerz


2. A Simple Approach to Food for the Body You Want

The perfect attack to the overwhelming world of food, diets, plans, and everything in between summarised in this short 500 word article.

Click here to read the whole thing: A Simple Approach To Food


3. The Road to the Trophy

This one was surprisingly picked up by thePTDC in their weekly ‘Best Fitness Articles’. It is an inspiring story of one of my clients that went through hamstring reattachment surgery, battled with her plateauing weight gain and loss, and ended up standing on stage in front of hundreds of people to take home a first place trophy in her first figure competition.

Read the whole thing: The Road To The Trophy


4. The Rare Inherited Disease No One Talks About

Another inspiring story about one of my clients that battles every day with a rare disease known as hereditary spastic paraplegia.

Check it out here: The Rare Disease No One Talks About


5. 8 Tips for Better Z’s

A lot of people struggle with their sleep. Maybe you’re one of them. Well, here are 8 simple tips to get better sleep.

Check them out here: 8 Tips for Better Z’s



It wouldn’t be a true list without a couple of runner-ups now would it?

1. How To Plank Properly

Believe me, you’re most likely planking wrong. Learn the in’s and out’s of how to actually perform a true plank to get the most bang for your buck. Or your money back guaranteed. (I can’t actually guarantee that.)

Learn now: How To Plank


2. 5 Ways To Detox

A fairly recent article that I loved putting together. Learn some simple tips and tricks to heal your poor body and soul after a night of drinking.

Check it out here: 5 Ways To Detox


Well, that’s a wrap. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2016. See you on the other side.



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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno