8 Tips For Better Z’s

08 Jan 8 Tips For Better Z’s

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Sleeps pretty damn important. I mean, without it, some bad shit can go down.


If we don’t get enough of it, not only are our eyes sore – possibly even our heads – but a lack of sleep can make us dumber (1, 2), increase our appetite for treats that we probably could do without (3, 4),  and even injure us more often (5).


There’s not really any good in either of those facts.


But, what about you? Do you have trouble sleeping?



Maybe you need some tips to rid yourself of this annoyance?


Well, lucky for you, I’m about to give you eight tips that will aid in putting and keeping you asleep.


unnamed (3)

So, let’s get started.


Tip 1 – The Bright


Stop checking your phone so goddamn late!


Wow, remember these bad boys?

The brightness of the screen is on par with real life day time light (6, 7). So looking into it late at night can actually cause your natural melatonin secretion (which controls your circadian rhythms) to be screwed up.


Plus! Reading or watching stimulating status updates, Snapchat vids, or even epic photos I post on Insta, so late at night can make you excited, too.


And you know as well as I do, when you see something that interests you, you know you’re a lot more inclined for your brain to get interested to use this new energy to keep you from getting some of that good rest.


Tip 2 – Too Many Chillz


Stop making your bed your “everything” place.





Keep your bed just for sleeping.


If you sit in or on it during the day or even before sleeping time, try to stop that. Reserve it purely for sleeping.


But, I don’t mean to not use it for midday naps – that would just be silly.


Tip 3 – Get After It


Fill your day with things that improve your life.


Leonardo di Vinci once said “a day well-spent brings happy sleep”.


sleeping dog



Stop filling your day with nothing but checking your social apps, and do something that excites you outside of the addiction world.


Workout, learn something, read a book, help this guy untangle his cords.




Something that will provide you enjoyment and satisfaction.


I used to suffer from insomnia, but the biggest change I’ve made is to get after more and more things in life every day.


There’s so much to do on just this planet alone, we’re crazy if we don’t try to get the most out of our super-short lives.


Tip 4 – Eat Up


Save your biggest meal of the day for dinner.


Don’t stress with the thought of putting on weight while you sleep.


Studies have shown us that meal timing really does not matter (8, 9) as much as just getting in your overall calories does.


And c’mon, don’t pretend like you’ve never had a nap after Christmas lunch.


Full stomach = sleepy brain.


*Note that overall calories matter, so don’t blame me if you eat an elephant before bed and put on weight!*


Tip 5 – Routine


Start going to bed at the same time every night. Except for party nights or normal everyday society locations. I mean, after all, no one wants to be that random sleeping in public person anyway, right?




Set an alarm for the same time every morning. Even if you don’t sleep. Still get up. Even on weekends.


Make it habitual.


Sleep by 10pm, up by 7am.


You might only get 5 hours at first, but over time, your body will adapt.


Tip 6 – Chill Out


Stop overthinking it!

If you’ve had a big day (see tip 3), at least be happy that you’re finally in bed.


You can relax there. Enjoy being able to chill. Enjoy your comfy pillows and comfy mattress.




Tip 7 – Slow Down


Read a book. Listen to some chilled music. Try to wind down your active brain after a crazy day.


If you read something that is educational and not written in an interesting tone, I guarantee you’ll be out before you turn that second page.



Reading helps you wind down to enter what is known as your parasympathetic state. So does slow music. Even focusing on your breathing can help too.


So if you’re as erratic and ADD as I am, chilling and focusing on words and a story is one of the best ways to switch off.


Tip 8 – Refridgerator


Make your room super cold.



Well, as cold as possible anyway. Turn a fan on, sleep with no sheets or doona, crank the AC. Anything that will cool you down in this super warm heat we’ve been having lately.

Hell, even taking a cold shower before either of those options above makes it even better.

There’s nothing like being slightly wet after a shower with a fan on you.



Tip 9 (Bonus)


Or hell, if you’re really struggling, why not smoke some good ol fashioned marijuana?




I’m joking!


Try some of the tips out (obviously I’m not condoning number 9…).


And, sleep well, peepz.


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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno