5 Ways To Detox After A Binge Weekend

16 Dec 5 Ways To Detox After A Binge Weekend

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As Christmas draws closer and closer with every single minute thanks to the unstoppable spin of the Earth, not only does everyone turn into headless chickens worrying about what superficial gift they should get someone that will be forgotten upon the next orbit, but Christmas parties, work parties, and of course New Year’s parties begin to spark all across this tiny, blue speck of a planet we call Earth.


And with the foreseeable future filled with a plethora of sore heads, unproductive Sunday’s, and during and post-drinking food justifications, I have some golden tips that I’m going to share with you to try to counter the effects of all that drinking.

Since, well, after all, I do like to dabber in some partying, too, and ‘tis the season to be jolly, right? So I guess you could say I’m in a bit of a Christmas mood.

Tip 1: Re-hydrate Your Poor Body and Soul

You no doubt have heard that alcohol is a diuretic. You may even quote that it is. But what you may not know is why it is in fact given that infamous label.

Well, wonder no more.

Alcohol, actually gets this title due to it being very good at screwing with our brains (in case you weren’t aware). When screwing with our brains, one of the main hubs for hormone production known as the anterior pituitary gland is also effected. And once the anterior pituitary gland is screwed with, the production of the anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), which is essential in retaining water, is hindered.

So, the more alcohol we consume, the more our brain is messed with, and the more our ADH production suffers. This then results in ADH’s job to tell the kidneys to retain water to diminish, and obviously, more and more water to exit us.


Interestingly – and unfortunately – with an increase in water exiting thanks to alcohol, there is less water in our body (duh), and in fact, those pesky headaches that you may experience the day after drinking, is actually due to water being pulled from your brain.

Strange, right? And not something we want.

But we can counter all of this to the best of our ability, by making sure that we stay on top of our hydration levels – even when we’re at the peeing clear point. This is where the classic ‘keep a ready-to-go water bottle next to your bed’ trick should be deployed. As when you get home after your night out, you can just reach for that bottle, down as much of it as you can, and crash onto your pillow.

And! If it’s a large enough bottle, the bonus here will be that the bottle will still be there upon waking for those standard fifteen trips to the toilet. So, you’re free to keep restocking your fluid levels and keep your circulating water levels high with ease.

But, don’t overshoot the mark of course. Keep in mind that we already require around 30-40mL of water per kilogram of bodyweight to function at an optimal level (disregarding alcohol induced dehydration and/or sweating), so don’t overdo it. Especially if you’re just lazing around and not exerting yourself too much.

Tip 2: Focus On Your Nutrition

Whether you’re chugging a beer bong, crushing shots, or sipping on a cocktail taking a #selfie every few minutes, the alcohol you’re consuming begins its journey in your mouth, makes its way down your oesophagus and into your stomach and intestines, where it is then absorbed into your blood after first passing through your liver.

Each time the alcohol passes through your liver as it makes its way around your ‘stream, it goes through an oxidation reaction where it is first broken down into acetaldehyde, and then finally acetate.


For all my organic chem buddies out there.

This acetate is what actually makes alcohol bad for our bodies, and is the culprit behind everyone’s most hated two pastimes: the inhibition of fat burning and the decreasing of protein synthesis.

The good thing to know here is that since our body’s don’t convert carbohydrates or proteins into fat for storage unless there is a surplus of them, we can use this knowledge to stay smart and not overindulge with our justified “I got drunk last night, so I can eat that for sure” pass card.

We can also aim to minimize fat consumption during and after alcohol to counter acetate’s lust for diminishing our fat burning ability and increasing fat storage.

But really, we all know alcohol is poison to our body, so why ruin our momentum and results on our non-drinking days even more by overindulging on greasy treats?

Tip 3: Move!

Even if it’s just a lap of your street. Seriously.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself on a hangover day, get outside. Get moving. Breathe some of that fresh air. Walk to the beach. Go for a swim. Dust that bike off. Something!

Of course you can waste the day away by overindulging in Netflix series after Netflix series, but provided you’re not hurling into a bucket every 15 minutes, why not at least do your best to overcome your seedy feelings?

Tip 4: Sleep Right

Depending on what time you arrive home from your antics will determine the amount of sleep you should grab, but don’t overcook it. Even if you stumble in through your front door at 5:45am after your walk of shame, set an alarm so your day isn’t over before you open your regretful little eyes.

Even though you may be super tired when you do wake, try to push through the day and call an early night when the sun goes down. This will also help you not lose your regular sleeping routine for work/school/etc. the next day.

Tip 5: The Wheels of Time

Just like any heartbreak, don’t forget, time will always heal your nasty hangover after a binge weekend. Hang in there, kiddo, it’ll get better.

Perhaps even you can reevaluate the type and amount of drinks you consumed the night before for the next party you partake in.

Just a thought, anyway.



  1. Restock your fluid levels before you crash in bed and throughout the next day.
  2. Don’t overindulge in food in or around the consumption of alcohol to lessen the impact of fat storing.
  3. Don’t waste away your day staring at your ceiling or back of your eyelids. Act normal. Get outside. Go for a walk. Breathe some fresh air.
  4. Try not to affect your regular sleeping routine.

Any Q’s, drop ‘em below.


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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno