Fix Flat Feet: Pes Planus & What Exercises To Do

03 Nov Fix Flat Feet: Pes Planus & What Exercises To Do

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Do you suffer from flat feet (aka. pes planus) and its cascade effect upon the body? Well, this video could save you some serious $$$.

Why? Unfortunately a lot of podiatrists out there don’t worry about trying to help your flat feet that are causing you structural deformities and pain, but rather just try to mask the issue by providing you with a $400 shoe insert and/or regular “check ups”.

If this sounds like your reality and you have been dealing with your acquired flat feet for a while, learn what you can do if you have acquired flat feet in this video.

Ps. Skip to 4:49 for the exercise breakdown!

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Part 1 – What Is Flat Feet? (0:28)
Part 2 – Common Issues (2:02)
Part 3 – The Fix: The Exercises (4:49)
Part 4 – Enter: The Pretzel (4:47)

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Music: Jason Norris

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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno