Netflix has arrived! Get ready to watch a lot of TV!

07 Apr Netflix has arrived! Get ready to watch a lot of TV!

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That was the subject line to an email I received from my internet provider a week or so ago.

And, I dunno about you, but it kinda disturbs me. 




I mean, aren’t we constantly being told things like “be more active”, “turn the TV off and spend time with your loved ones”, and “sitting is the new smoking”?


Now look, before you call me a hater (which I probably am), I’m all for Netflix. It’s super cheap, and it provides people with a lot of entertainment and enjoyment in their lives – not to mention that it most definitely cuts down on people torrenting.


But, I’m not talking about this positive side to the multi-billion dollar service.


I find it can start to get a little worrying when people start to replace things that keep them alive longer – like going outside, moving, eating real food, and sleeping – with these kinds of things.


It’s even hard for me to not think about the whole depressing angle of that when people hate their jobs so much, are bored with their lives, are sick of the same routine day in and day out, yet find satisfying enjoyment in just watching their one to three (or more) hours of TV per night, rather than using those hours differently.


I mean, imagine if they spent those hours on changing their life, on changing their outlook, on living longer.


Imagine if more people got excited about attacking their life and getting the best and most out of it every day, rather than accepting that they must work the job they hate for the next 40 odd years just because society says it’s the “right” and “best” thing they can do.


Whilst I’m definitely not attacking Netflix as I think it’s a positive and simple addition to our society, substituting too much “time killing” activities (purposefully) with other things that are important certainly can’t be a positive outcome.


But hey, that’s just my opinion. Think I’m a hater? Let me know your thoughts below.


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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno