Time Murderers

21 Apr Time Murderers

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I was talking to a colleague the other day about one of his new clients. They recently signed up with him for some one-on-one training. I won’t go into all the details, but what was frustrating/sad to him (and me) was that they were so adamant on not having enough time to train.

This was literally for only two 30 minute sessions split out over the course of a week (and listen, this guy doesn’t need the “work” or was even trying desperately to get them on board either).

So of course, there were excuses thrown around. You know the classics; “I’m too busy”, “I have to do that thing with that guy”, et cetera et cetera.

Anyway, it really got me thinking.

Surely she has one hour out of her entire week to look after herself, right?

I get it.

Now look, I understand people don’t always enjoy training/working out/exercising/whatever you want to call it.

But it’s not always JUST training when it comes to, you know, “training”.

It’s a whole lifestyle approach.

From the integration of new foods, to the change of sleeping patterns – it can be a whole package. And if you’re overweight, tired and/or depressed all the time, coming to the realization that it doesn’t have to be like this can really do wonders for your life.

Time murderers.

Okay so, before you get all “yeah well people literally don’t have time.”

I want to say, I understand people have families and pets and bills to pay, but like I said, it’s not just about training here.

Managing your time to make time for you can and should be priority. [click to tweet]

What if your health diminishes so much so that you can’t take care of your family/pets/bills?

If you’re using the ‘I have no time’ call but make time for scrolling through the news feed countless times a day, watch hours of cooking shows, and bitch to your friends about how skinny your friend is now that she’s started going to the gym (yup, that really does happen), then something is off.


Anyway, like I said, it got me thinking.

It got me thinking about how many people don’t put themselves first.

How many people are making these same kinds of excuses.

How many people are choosing to put off certain things in their life – and again, it’s not even just in regards to training/health.

What about your career?

How long will you put off chasing your real passion?

How long will you get up every morning with that drone expression on your face and slump your way to a grind job?



What if all it took was to stop treating yourself so poorly? What if you did actually start to put yourself first?

And what if all it took was to make time to change this?

It would literally change everything, right?

Now look; I know you might be thinking “derr, Hayden. Kinda obvious”, but it doesn’t matter.

Sometimes people need to hear it. And sometimes all people need is a tiny kick (a really soft one – no violence on this website).

If you can’t give yourself the time to pursue dreams, turn your life around, or start to implement changes that you’ve been thinking about implementing for a long time, then one day, you won’t have another chance.

Grind life.

If you keep grinding (working) so much, cramming things into your life and not making time for YOU, then all of a sudden, that’ll be it.

And I pretty much can guarantee that you won’t look back on your life and think “yeah cool, heaps glad I didn’t make time for my friends and family and chose to work so much.”

I can also guarantee that you won’t be saying things like, “I’m really glad that I didn’t make time for my health.  Hand me my bank statement would you, dear? Ah yes, wonderful.”

Wow, how bleak, Hayden. Well hey, it’s the truth.

One last rant.

When I hear people say “I was so bored yesterday, so I just killed time on Facebook and Candy Crush”, it feels like a little happy kitten is squashed.

Why would anyone want to kill time?

Time and money, are seriously our biggest commodities.

And if you don’t manage both of them then everything can and will flash past you.

People always say you shouldn’t live with regrets. But that’s straight-up bullshit.

You should regret that you’re not taking control of your life and doing the things you want to be doing. You should regret every minute you’re “killing time” scrolling through that newsfeed.


We’ve got so much to do in this life, so many different choices and opportunities, it’s crazy that people can be bored.

If you’re so bored, start to aim for something worth living for.

And when you are just chillin’ on the couch, you should be lovin’ it because that is what you want to be doing.

photo (18)Positive finish.

It’s always so cliché, but you always have so many choices every day. And you always have the time to make time to make time for you.

If you want something so bad, go out and get it. Make time to go out and get it. Seriously.

Think of it like this – if you’re “killing time” reading about someone else enjoying THEIR life, then wouldn’t it be better if you were one of those people that other people are reading about?

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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno