Random Thoughts 3 – Doctor Strange and Tomorrow

22 Nov Random Thoughts 3 – Doctor Strange and Tomorrow

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I caved into my comic book movie desires the other night and tried Doctor Strange out. Other than the overall lack of story coupled with overused catch phrases riddled throughout it, it was still a pretty good watch. The visuals were amazing, and there were one or two scenes that stuck with me. But to refrain from turning this into a movie review article, however, let’s cut right to the chase.

In a pivotal scene (don’t worry, not really a spoiler), the main character, crashes their car and winds up with terrible neural damage and a loss of finesse control and sensation in their upper extremities. It was a rather intense crash scene to be honest, and a perfect display for a moment in time that can alter a life so drastically.

C’est La Vie

People tend to throw around phrases like “live each day like it’s your last” and “carpe diem” when seeking a reputation for a go-getter, but if people actually did that, it would be utter chaos.

Consider a reality where people did in fact live each day like it was their last. In this reality, nobody would go to work, nobody would watch what they say or eat or even do to one another. Nobody would even be reading this!

Truly living each day like it’s their last, would entail an entire globe of people spending time with their loved ones, travelling to destinations that have been on bucket lists for far too long, finally talking to that crush they’ve been eyeballing, having goes at things that they otherwise wouldn’t.

Seizing the day or living each day like it’s their last would certainly not entail being bored, being angry, being ungrateful. Succumbing to these emotions or thoughts are a sign of a stale approach to life. Becoming complacent with daily activities and habits can only lead us to unhappiness and a grind-like mentality that results in days and weeks melting away.


The expectation for the sun to rise tomorrow and for you to also see it set is somewhat of a form of inductive reasoning. Just because you have seen this occur many times before does not mean that it will once more.

After all, the idea of a tomorrow is just an expectation. A successful tomorrow that results in you getting into your bed after a fulfilling meal, is even more of one.

Regardless of this, we can all probably agree that tomorrow is most likely going to happen. Nothing is really stopping it from happening. Yet, at the same time, nothing is really stopping it from not happening. What if tomorrow was in fact your last day. Would you do it a little different to what you already have planned?

I think it’s a very odd thought that this life is our one and only go. If you arrived at an insert coin screen at the end of it all, do you think you would play it differently? Or would you end up exactly where you are right now with five weeks to go for 2016?


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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno