The ‘E’ That Is Stopping You

08 Mar The ‘E’ That Is Stopping You

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I say it to my clients all the time; you know what to do, you have all the skills, knowledge, accountability, and help, but one thing is stopping you: execution.


It really is all about execution. For everything.


For our relationships, our body, our health, our job, our interests, our desires.


It’s all about the choices that we make each day. It’s all about how much we want a certain thing. It’s all about how much we want to execute on achieving it.


You really would be hard-pressed to find someone in this country that doesn’t know what the “right” food is. Or that they don’t know how to get outside, get some fresh air and move. You would be hard-pressed to find someone that does not agree with the mentality of living longer is a result of keeping areas in your life – like your body, your health, your relationships – in the happy, positive area of the spectrum.




The only thing that seems to be stopping everyone from attacking life and doing what they know, is execution.


But, to get the willingness to execute on what we want, we must first find the focus that is needed.


We must always be honing in on what we want constantly. We can’t just fall back on the “it’s mid-week”, “it’s Friday, for god’s sake!” mentality. We must find clarity. We must find focus.


We must find drive that is more than just reaching certain milestones or achievements. We must also look towards the person that we would want to be when we reached these things.


Looking at the whole picture is key here. Not just the ticked goals on our fridge.


But to see the picture clearer, we must first find the desire to get what we want.


The desire to want that feeling. The desire to want that way of life.


If we lack focus, if we lack clarity, if we lack desire, then there is a high chance that we won’t even bother to want to even execute on what we want. And, we’ll just opt for floating on by.


Floating, of course, can be good, but dipping our toes into the pools of possibilities, is always a much better approach to really milking the ability we all have on this planet.


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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno