Killing Ourselves?

02 Mar Killing Ourselves?

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Being afraid of exercise is never a good thing. Sadly, it’s something that is so damn prevalent in our society that we really need to take a look at it.


Whilst of course some of this negativity towards movement may be due to reality TV shows that over-sensationalise and over-exaggerate the severity of what has to happen to “gain control” of life.


For the rest, we may simply be able to blame technology and the rise of the simplicity to obtain things without even having to stand up.




It’s quite simple when you think about, our species is meant to move. I mean, we have limbs that allow this and brains big enough to understand how to move them.


It of course goes without saying, that if we don’t do enough of this “moving” thing, we die. Studies even back this with the understanding that a low fitness level is by far the number one strongest predictor of death – even more so than smoking, heart disease, strokes, and obesity.


This has surely got to be another perfect reason to add to the outlook of movement and perspiration being a lot better than focusing on the weight loss and the numbers on the scales. Who doesn’t want to live long enough to see teleporters available at the store anyway, right?




It would seem that humans really aren’t the “most intelligent species” on this planet like so many people say. Apart from literally destroying the planet, we don’t even instinctively know how to keep ourselves alive anymore.




Think about it, would a lion Google what they need to eat to survive optimally? Would an eagle have to sign up for a gym membership just to stay alive? What about a tardigrade? Do you think they read books on how to outlive all of us and withstand temperatures well above 100°C or radiation hundreds of times more lethal than the “safe” human dose?


Water Bear

Yep, they’re real.

The other creatures living on this planet seem to know what they’re doing, they even seem to know the absolute optimal way of doing it, too.




I spoke of a super-simple, first-step approach to eating food a couple of weeks back, but to bring this “live longer and better” topic together, let’s talk briefly about what to do when it comes to just moving for a better life.


Whilst exercise can be seen as scary, intimidating, a waste of time, or a boring task to do, that outlook really doesn’t have to hold up when you think more about the topic.


With there being literally hundreds of different ways to move and perspire, finding something you enjoy doing can be the key here. With weight training providing a few positives including elevating your metabolism, more muscle mass for even more metabolism, and a simple way to “shape” your body to how you want it, exercise really doesn’t have to just be in the gym.


It doesn’t even have to involve crying on the ground or hurling your mom’s spaghetti all over your sweater (10 points to Gryffindor for those that get that reference) either.






Choosing or finding a sport that you like or enjoy doing can be a perfect approach to getting moving. Not only will the added bonus of social interaction also help (especially with kids), but the thought that what is happening is in fact exercise, won’t even cross your mind.


But, what if sports don’t interest you? Well, what about finding a martial art? A dancing class? Hiking? Group exercise with your friends? There really are a myriad of options out there.


And if none of them truly piques your interest, what about even simpler stuff like going for walks, playing with your kids, or riding a bike?


With living longer and better being two hugely positive results of just increasing your heart and breathing rate slightly for as little as 30 minutes a day, movement surely can hardly be looked at as evil or a chore, right?

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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno