One Year Anniversary

09 Feb One Year Anniversary

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One year on, close to 10,000 website views and over 600 downloads, I decided to revamp, reedit, and give Game Changers a complete overhaul.


Why? A few reasons.


The main one being that I felt uncomfortable to even read it (yep, I’m weird like that). Another one being that the info in there definitely needed an update. And another being that the voice I wrote it in the first time ’round, is completely different to how I write now.


So, I decided to pimp it, bring it up to scratch, add over 5000 new words, 30 new pages, a whole new chapter, and really give it a true 2015 feel (yeah, I don’t even know what that means).



 So pretty and blue.

Keen to get your hands on a copy? Well, head to the link below to land yourself a copy.


Click here for Game Changers: 11 Habits That Could Change Your Life


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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno