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25 Jan Get Drunk Smart

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Disclaimer: Before we get into it, I should point out that I am in no way condoning or telling you how to drink when it comes to the consumption of alcohol, binge-drinking, or anything under the sun in regards to screwing with your body.
This article is based off another highly-researched one. And, I merely believe it is ideal to be more in-the-know when it comes to what you do to your body.Nothing in this article should be taken as complete advice for anything. Absolutely anything.


With Australia Day (or hell, any celebration we like to deem another excuse to break out the liqueurs) literally tomorrow, I thought I’d round up some simple steps to get drunk smart, whilst also keeping that temple of a body you’ve earned.


Note: This is a super-condensed version that was originally written by Menno Henselmans at his website


So, without further ado, here are six simple steps to get you blurry-eyed, yet, six-pack-still-happening.


Ps. Or, read the original:


Number One – Macro’s




Whilst proteins are less likely to be stored and used to build some of that nice, thick muscle that you’re after, fats on the other hand, are more than willing to store within your cells. Not cool.


For carbs, since they are less likely to be converted and stored as fat in your body if you’re not overindulging in them, they are a good choice to provide you with calories and energy.


So, choosing to minimize your fat intake on and around the consumption of alcohol, opting instead for carbs for energy, and proteins for extra calories, can only pay off.


This, as well, will help you go a longer way in keeping that leanness you’ve been working your ass off to show off at the beach on Monday.


Number Two – Speed




An obvious one, but it bears repeating.


Since your liver can only metabolize alcohol at a certain pace, by drinking faster, it will allow you to get drunker faster whilst also minimizing calories that are found in all your favourite sources of alcohol.


Number Three – Emptiness




As a full stomach slows the rate at which alcohol is absorbed by the blood, choosing to not stuff yourself before a bout of drinking can aid in getting you drunk faster, whilst also again, keeping calorie consumption to a minimum.


Still want to eat? Cool, I’m definitely not condoning people to get drunk on an empty, nor am I condoning to get drunk in general!


Though, the next tip will aid in this.


Number Four – Cut


Cutting calories on white background


With your newly-found knowledge that protein will be used up rather than synthesizing into muscle when alcohol is present in your system, fats willing to be stored, and carbs favouring converting to energy, planning your day around these facts can pay off.


With alcohol pulling in around 7 calories per gram/ml of it, despite factoring in TEF, deciding how much to eat before, during, and after drinking can help you.


If you aim to get your calories from protein and carbs (both holding around 4 calories per gram), keeping fats (a heavy 9 calories per g) to a minimum, you can optimize your meals right down to a tee.


But, what if you want to drink the whole day, whilst also keeping in control of your movements and morals?


Number Five – Self-Control




So, what if you know you’re going to be drinking a fair amount over the course of the day whilst pointing at the radio exclaiming to everyone (that’ll listen to you) that you voted for that song in the Hottest 100?


Well, by spacing out your drinks you consume, you will of course minimize the drunkenness of your peer-pressured self.


And in contrast to Number Three, to increase the chance of staying sober and aware of what’s going on around you for a longer period of time, we can also choose to fill our stomachs before alcohol consumption. Of course, keeping in mind One and Four.


Menno suggests – with a lot of evidence, mind you – that consuming high protein, fiber carb-focused meals will delay your gastric from emptying, providing you with more time for your liver to breakdown the alcohol before it enters your bloodstream.


Sounds pretty good if you’re looking to stay alert whilst also having a few.


Number Six – Selecting


Selecting the right alcoholic beverages can go a long way in you keeping your hard earned progress in the gym. Below, is a small table of what you’ll expect to find in all your favourite drinks.




For the most bang for your buck, it looks as though sticking to spirits and wines for low calories and high possibilities of being drunk.




So, that’s it. Six tips to keep in mind for tomorrow.


Be sure to read the original, un-dissected article by visiting this link –>


And, stay safe, drink smart, and don’t do drugs, kids.



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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno