02 Jun Eyes On The Prize

Our eyes have come a long way from what they were just a mere 500+ million years ago. Surprisingly, they were a lot better millions of years ago too. And...

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26 May Chasing Happiness

A couple weeks back in psychology class, we learnt about happiness. Yeah, I know. Seems so stupid (or is it sad?) to have to LEARN about happiness. We surely all know WHAT it is, right? Well, maybe not.
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19 May Life Training

After taking 6 days off after a good solid 6 weeks of heavy weight-training two weeks ago, I was pumped to get back in, lift some things, put them back down and pick them back up again (seems so strange that we can actually enjoy such a mundane task). Anyway, after two awesome days of getting back into it and smashing some new records, I was pretty damn sore during the following DOMS-days. A pretty standard situation though, right? Well, not all the time. And bear with me as I’m sure you can relate.
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12 May Domination: Push-Ups

You know what? There’s nothing I like more than a good set of push-ups. Okay, maybe a fair few other things. But saying it like that really drives home the level of how much I dig them, right? Okay okay, before you get all “damn, he lied to us”, let me breakdown what makes these so damn good though. And with that, why they’re a key exercise I like to include in most, if not, all of my clients’ programs.
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baby crawling

06 May Solid Foundation

There was a time a few years back when I felt like I was killing it. I used to bust out one arm push ups like they were going out of fashion. 10 a side? No dramas. Another 10? Sure thing. Another 10? Hell yeah. What about another 10? Hmm. Yeah, okay… Umm... Ouch? So yeah, as you can probably tell, my “killing it” reign didn’t last forever. Despite me not having trouble taking on those bad boys, I didn’t realise that I was slowly damaging myself.
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dat ass

28 Apr Glutes For Days

From squats to deadlifts, push ups to chin-ups, and all the way to planks, farmer carries and skinny jeans, your glutes are super important. Well, maybe not so much for the skinny jeans. But hey, I don’t know anyone that thinks pancake glutes look good in those bad boys.
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21 Apr Time Murderers

I was talking to a colleague the other day about one of his new clients. They recently signed up with him for some one-on-one training. I won’t go into all the details, but what was frustrating/sad to him (and me) was that they were so adamant on not having enough time to train. This was literally for only two 30 minute sessions split out over the course of a week (and listen, this guy doesn't need the “work” or was even trying desperately to get them on board either). So of course, there were excuses thrown around. You know the classics; “I’m too busy”, “I have to do that thing with that guy”, et cetera et cetera. Anyway, it really got me thinking. Surely she has one hour out of her entire week to look after herself, right?
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14 Apr The Sixth Sense

So we all know we have five senses; seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling, right? But what many of you might not realize, a sixth sense does in fact exist. And it’s not even an ‘I can see a dead Bruce Willis’ (shit; sorry, spoiler alert) sense. A real one. Proprioception.
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