Getting Clear

17 Feb Getting Clear

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I say it all the time to my clients, it’s not just about the weight they want to lose, the weight they want to lift, or the event they want to compete in, it’s the whole picture – it’s the whole story.


It might sound lame, but when we look for the whole picture and why we want to achieve certain things, we start to put our mind towards what it is we actually want.


It’s too hard to be clear on things that we don’t fully grasp, so stepping back and taking the time to break it down really does pay off.




The ‘I wanna be fit’, ‘I wanna better job, ‘I wanna get married someday’ statements can’t be all that drives us to truly take control of our lives. We have to look further down the line – we have to look deeper.


When we do look deeper, we can start to put the pieces together to see what is required so that we not only do something to achieve it, but we also become someone different.


Chasing what we want – whether it be in the gym, our careers, our families – isn’t just a matter of ticking off goals, it’s about embracing the entire process and truly altering our direction, purpose, and results.




Who do YOU have to become to get what you want? What do you have to do to become that? What steps has that ideal individual taken to become the person that you want to be? What do THEY do differently?


Think about what your ideal way of life and your ideal person, what are they doing that you’re not? Why are they like the way they are? How do you do this?




I wholeheartedly believe when reaching for a proper insight into what you want in life, you have to first break everything down into four simple categories.


Your relationships, your body, your work, and your hobbies.


After doing this, you can then ask yourself: Where does this ideal person that you want to become sit in each category? Are they happy? Are they content? Are they agitated? Bored? Fulfilled?


Questioning each of these areas in the ideal person that you want to becomes life, and then in yours through by comparing, will provide you with a clear insight into what it truly takes to creating proper change in your life and legitimately getting what you want.


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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno