12 Mar Opportunity

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It KILLS me when I ask people about their day, week or weekend and their response is “it was meh.”

That might sound a little harsh, but it just makes me think “what more do you want?”.

You’re not enjoying your weekends? Well then what are you wasting them for?

You didn’t enjoy your week? Why not?

Your day was whatevs? Why? Is it because all you did was sleep through 4 snooze alarms; drag yourself out of bed; eat a “best meal of the day” consisting of a piece of toast and an Up & Go before heading to your job, still half asleep; stare at your computer screen, getting absolutely no work done; before dragging yourself back home to slump on the couch all night?


If you’re feeling like your days/weeks/weekends consist of nothing, then change it.

Add something into your life that is worth getting out of bed for.

You have the opportunity at ANY moment to do ANYTHING.

It’s a weird thought, right?

Literally, at ANY moment of your day you can change what you’re doing.

You seriously could drive to the airport and fly overseas right now.



Stop ticking off the days each week counting down to the weekend.

Each day you have the opportunity to achieve something. Each day you have the opportunity to do something crazy, cool, new, different, life-changing.

It shouldn’t just be all about getting to Friday and inevitably, dreading your Monday’s.

There has to be more to life than just enjoying two out of your seven day week, right?

I know you might just be working for your next ‘14 day holiday’, or even just to pay off your mortgage.

But what happens when you come back from that holiday? What happens when you pay off your house?

Is THAT when you’ll be happy? Is THAT when you’ll have time to enjoy something else? Is THAT when you’ll change it up and add something into your life that doesn’t make it all so mundane?

It does seem kinda stupid, right? Just living to get to the weekend, living to pay off a loan.

What will you have in the end? Will you look back and say “I’m really glad I worked so much and didn’t make time for anything else”?

I doubt it.

Free will is an illusion.

Democritus, an Ancient Greek philosopher, claimed that we have no free will, no choice. That everything in life is driven by prior situations or prior events.

Is that what you believe? Do you believe that you don’t have control over anything in your life?

Think about it, what’s stopping you from going home after work today and going for a walk?

What’s stopping you from going to bed a little bit earlier tonight so that you’re not so damn tired tomorrow?

What’s stopping you from planning out your meals for tomorrow so you don’t end up falling back on a bad fast-food choice?

Maybe Democritus was right, maybe free will IS an illusion. But maybe reading this is the prior situation that can cause a change.



Maybe you’ve been contemplating too long about stepping in those gym doors.

Maybe you’ve been contemplating too long about ditching those Zinger Burgers.

Maybe you’ve been contemplating for too long about turning your life around.

Maybe you’ve been contemplating for too long about taking control of your life.

Not everyone reading this will listen and kick themselves into a change of lifestyle. It’s probably as small as 5% that will stop living without enjoyment.

But why not be part of the 5%?

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Hayden Perno
Hayden Perno