02 Aug Euro Thoughts V

At an altitude of around 12,000 metres and a final destination of Sydney, Australia, what better time than any to decompress with a fifth instalment of Euro Thoughts after spending...

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12 Jul Euro Thoughts IV

I wake from an awkward, slightly uncomfortable and short sleep wanting to adjust my right leg ever so slightly. No chance. With the people around me on this train slightly giving me...

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25 Jun Ciao!: The Sequel

Yep, that's right, folks. With winter rearing its ugly, ugly head, and school on break, I am up and at 'em and getting the hell out of this lucky country...

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28 May You vs. Time

When a movie comes into circulation that includes space travel, humankind’s extinction, alien planets, and the future, it’s usually one I like to put on my ever-expanding 'movies to watch'...

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30 Apr The Road to the Trophy

WARNING! What you’re about to get yourself into: 2-3 minutes reading time. 2-3 minutes away from the newsfeed. 1500-ish words. A slightly witty but informative article. _________________________ Hamstring reattachment surgery, pushing the mid-fifties [1]; no previous weight training...

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