12 Mar Opportunity

It KILLS me when I ask people about their day, week or weekend and their response is “it was meh.” That might sound a little harsh, but it just makes me think “what more do you want?”. You’re not enjoying your weekends? Well then what are you wasting them for?
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05 Mar The Wonderful World of Creatine

Creatine monohydrate (CM) is one of those supplements that gets talked up and about a lot. We’ve got a third of the population out there that swear by it, another third that don’t agree with it, and the other 33.3 or so percent completely unaware that it even exists. But is it something that you should and could consider adding into your diet despite it being something that most people think is aimed at male bodybuilders chasing the pump? Keep reading to fill your brain up with some information from the wonderful world of supplements.
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It makes me sad that people restrict themselves from eating tasty foodz like potatoes and white rice because of the high and low GI (glycemic index - a measurement for foods and their impact on our blood sugar) rating these foods get. What really is ridiculous is that people spin this GI/GL (glycemic load – similar to GI, except it takes into consideration the serving size) rating stuff so much that more and more people buy into it and start restricting all types of proper whole food, like the above, just because of it being labelled as ‘low’ or ‘high’. What is also funny to note is that the difference between these two extremes is a mere 15 points.
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19 Feb Air

“If breathing patterns are off, it can set off a cascade of events that drive injury and dysfunction.” – Mike Robertson.

I talked a little bit about breathing in Game Changers but figured it’s probably best to break it down a little bit further. You see, everything is impacted on your breathing - your posture, mobility, alignment, brain function, stress levels and even mood can all be altered with upset breathing patterns. And whilst all of this mightn't seem possible at first, let’s break it down so you can see how much is and can be involved.
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12 Feb OMG, I’m catabolic.

"OMG, I'm going catabolic!”, he yelled when he realized he had forgotten his protein shaker, missed the bus and now had to wait 15 minutes before the next one arrived. And when the bus finally did come, 5 minutes into the trip it got a flat tyre, resulting in his usual 20 minute trip home now being 45 minutes!

'omg fml. my gainz bro. wat a waste of a workout', he typed on his phone to his friend.

'wtf man :(' his friend replied.

Stressful day for this guy, that’s for sure.

But is there any actual merit in him feeling this way? And when he did finally get home, did he really need those 5+ meals for the rest of the day?

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07 Feb Yo.

Welcome to my website and my first post 

I figured this would be the best time to lay down the 411 for what I want to try and create here.

I definitely want it to be an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, easy-to-absorb and an easy-to-implement place where you can learn about all sorts of stuff. happy-guy-thumbs-up-300x237 There is definitely a lot of information out there that gets easily lost, changed and manipulated the more times it is repeated. So I'm going to try and shed some light on topics that need to (in my opinion) be... Shedded on.
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