our life perception

14 Dec Slow Down Life

As I write this blog post on a Sunday afternoon, still a little hung-over from a Christmas pub crawl yesterday, I realise on my little calendar/time bar on the right...

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18 Nov Overkill

With my vision blurring as I hobbled my way back to my car, cursing along the way, I knew I’d really done it this time. Impatient, over it, negligent, and...

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07 Oct Euro Thoughts III

I suppose it seems fitting that I close this trilogy of articles down with some reflection and thoughts on what I have learned during these 100 days abroad and away...

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16 Sep Performance Tip #5

This exercise is, from many peoples perspective, one ideal sign of overall strength. It's an exercise that can only be performed when you have the right strength to weight ratio,...

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09 Sep Euro Thoughts II

I just counted, and it's day 62 of my 100 day trip overseas right now. Other than it meaning I am nearing the three-quarter mark, it also means that it's...

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