09 Jan 8 Things You Need in 2018

If you feel like the months and years just pass you by, and life just keeps getting faster and faster, then this video is for you. In this video I take you through 8 things that I think will truly make 2018 (and any other...

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07 Dec Travelling In Sudamérica

When we travel, it's definitely easy for us to discontinue regular practices (it's actually expected, really). But not only is this detrimental to what we've worked for, it actually can make your trip worse. When talking about these 'regular practices', however, I don't mean Netflix, washing...

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26 Oct My First Year Spanish Speaking Exam

Did you know that more than 470 million people speak Spanish as their native tongue? That ranks it second behind Mandarin Chinese. To top that off, more than half a billion speak it and by 2050, they predict that the United States could have more...

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